Hotel Rooms

Below are available sleeping room options for Big Night Baltimore 2016/17. Pleaes note that hotel rooms and event tickets are purchased separately.

Discounted hotel rooms have been arranged to help ensure that your Big Night Baltimore experience is the most enjoyable and hassle-free * Hotel room sales do NOT include an event ticket to Big Night Baltimore New Year's Eve Extravaganza. Event ticket sales are handled separately at our online tickets page. Click here to purchase event tickets.


Hotel rooms for Big Night Baltimore New Year's Eve Extravaganza 2017-18 will be available soon!


** All hotel accommodations are provided directly by the hotel in which you are staying -   Embassy Suites, Radisson or Hotel Monaco.  Big Night Baltimore has no direct authority over any of their services and can not be held responsible for the delivery of such. Please contact the applicable hotel in which you stayed - Embassy Suites Inner Harbor or Hotel Monaco, directly - for further details, questions, comments.