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DJ Tenacious

From radio program director to graphic designer, on-air mixer to radio personality, Tenacious is a jack of all trades. Born and raised in Delaware, Tenacious listened to all kinds of music from old Motown Hits to the rock sounds of Pink Floyd but, it wasn’t until his at the time aspiring rapper cousins let him in on their recording sessions did he fall in love with Hip Hop. It was in college he first hopped on the ones and twos and after he graduated from Full Sail University brought he is new found talents home to OC104 . Tenacious joined the ranks of a radio personality and Mix Show Coordinator and held down multiple mix shows and quite a few mix segments live on air. His radio networking allowed Tenacious the opportunity to DJ for artist such as AnD, WordSmith, Ron Browz, and Jeremih, while also hosting and DJing for notable celebrities and parties like Big Tigger, Dougie Fresh, Cut Creator, being an official Scion sponsored DJ, and numerous corporate events. Tenacious prides himself on being eclectic when it comes to music and says “If it has a beat I will spin it"

Web Site: http://thafreshness.com/