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DJ Jared Brown

Jared C. Brown, aka, DJ Jared Brown has been a constant fixture in the DMV nightlife for approximately two years. Jared has secured residencies at some of the local hotspots such as Mothers Peninsula Grill, Mothers Federal Hill and Acme Bar & Grill in part due to his unique method of transitioning from song to song building the night's energy one drop at a time. Each venue Jared Brown plays is a night of reading his crowd rather than just coming with a pre-determined playlist. Each night he performs is tailor-made experience based on the clientele he’s been asked to entertain.
Both self and professionally trained in percussion, bass guitar, and keyboard, Jared Brown brings his full knowledge, respect, and deep love and understanding of music to fabricate an energy filled set that he's built his reputation on. Simply put, Jared Brown will take you on a musical journey whether scratching to an old skool beat, dropping some of today’s freshest trap, or bouncing to a little deep house music, you will most certainly enjoy his live remixes and creations.
In 2014 Jared Brown took advantage of his abilities, allowing him to pursue his amazing music career full-time and perform in places such as Cadillac Ranch, Looney’s, Horseshoe Casino, Hollywood Casino, just to name a few. One thing is for sure, DJ Jared Brown is on his way to becoming one of DMV’s rising stars.

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